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About Nadeem…


Nadeem (Pty) Ltd – Chief Executive 

A well organized, structured and diverse individual Nadeem takes pride in what ever task or project he is responsible for. Nadeem always believed in being the CEO of the position he was employed in and this mindset ensured that he achieved the best results at all times.

Creating and implementing many systems in the in his corporate tenure that has benefited the company and clients in positive ways, Nadeem has been appreciated for this natural skill which is innovation.

In his personal time Nadeem enjoys fitness training and is always found in the gym. Hiking on a Saturday morning brings a much needed stress reliever.

Nadeem has had the privilege of being mentored by many well known Chief Executive’s in South Africa. Gaining knowledge from these highly successful and educated individuals has allowed him to utilise strategically in order to excel in Corporate, Business and his Personal life.

A passion for next generation design and technology Nadeem has become  well sought after which is how the Brand Nadeem (Pty) Ltd was launched.

Nadeem has taken the initiative of setting up a team of highly skilled individuals who will be involved in the Nadeem mentor program for young vibrant individuals interested in future leadership or becoming entrepreneurs. 

Ubuhle Bemvelo Design – Director of Operations

The skill set and knowledge gained from the leadership skills Discovery had to offer and with various mentors assisting Nadeem with advice and knowledge he needed. Fortunately Discovery Ltd did promote people to explore business ventures parallel to employment.

2007 Nadeem launched his first business which was known as MasterCraft Business Solutions

This business would specialize in Graphic Design, Website Design, Corporate Printing and Business Solutions for start up business. Advertising and Marketing via email, BBM and word of mouth MasterCraft soon made quite an impact with it’s motto ‘“Crafting your Dream!!” Nadeem took every project personal and made certain his clients were dazzled upon delivery!

2011 Technology seemed to be changing rapidly as social media started to become popular and having an online presence was in demand. Nadeem had to re-look at his business model, business identity and versatility in this evolution.

 With a new Brand Identity and minor tweaks, Nadeem was ready to produce Flibbit (Pty) Ltd to his valued clients where he mainly focused on Brand Creation Corporate Printing, Website Development along with Website Hosing.

Flibbit has since become a popular brand attracting major corporate entities requiring its services. Nadeem’s passion for continuous success in dazzling service has earned him the privilege of meeting and being in the company of many well known Chief Executive’s in the corporate world. 

2015 Nadeem’s decision to agree to an investor to buy in Flibbit was the greatest achievement of his entire career and his dream which he has worked 24/7 to achieve for over a decade has finally come true.

Flibbit is re-branded to  Ubuhle Bemvelo Design which is part of a the Ubuhle Bemvelo Holdings Group. Nadeem is currently employed as the Director of Operations and is responsible for his innovation and persistent drive for producing web design and brand creation which is comparable to the “BEST IN THE WORLD!”

2018 Nadeem founded appsolution which solely focuses on mobile application development. This is said to be the turning point of technology as it gives clients the ability to design they own app on they personal dashboard and make changes and updates as and when required!

2019 Nadeem founded Galaxy Host, a web hosting company who is focused on assisting small business and clients looking for personal assistance in website hosting and emails setup.

2020 being an entrepreneur for over two decades with extensive knowledge and understanding in Brand Identity, Brand Creation, Website Design and App Development. Nadeem has become a brand his own through his innovative and state of the art delivery in design. (Pty) Ltd is launched! It is on this platform where Nadeem will see to an exclusive set of clients with a promise to produce next generation Design and Mobile Apps!

Discovery Ltd – Finance Manager

Nadeem started a career in finance at the South African Revenue service. A self driven individual with a passion for success Nadeem was soon head hunted by Discovery Ltd.

A culture at that time which was driven by excellence, tenacity and leadership who wanted to not only make a change in South Africa, but the entire World!

Being a young and vibrant individual who was striving for success, this platform was the perfect step to an exciting career in order to develop all the skills, abilities and knowledge required to keep growing to every level possible.

With experience corresponding to the broader market in USA to Health, Life and Invest in the South African Market along with the Discovery Values instilled in him.

Nadeem boasts over a decade of corporate finance management and operations experience in various departments, entities. 

Nadeem has adopted a special talent in people skills  across different genders, age, race and religion. 

These are some of the many valuable and skills and experience Nadeem has added to his Arsenal.

It is the hunger to learn and gain knowledge along with the passion for success and liberating the best version of himself daily that saw Nadeem being nominated by his peers and clients and WINNING the prestigious Discovery Star Award on many occasions.

At his tenure at Discovery Nadeem was often approached by external stake holders and major corporate entities who was attracted by his skills and passion.

Nadeem declined for one reason only and that was to branch off into his passion for business!


Integrity, Honesty and Fairness

Dazzle Clients

Liberating the best in people

Force for social good


Leadership 92%
Innovation 100%
Analytical Thinking 94%
Client Relations 90%
Microsoft Office 100%
Sage - Accounting 98%
Sunguard - Compass 99%
Digiata - SmartCash 100%


Brand Management 94%
Client Relations 100%
Innovation 99%
Creative Thinking 97%
Strategic Planning 100%
Attention to Detail 100%
Service Delivery 98%
Client Satisfaction 99%


Adobe Photoshop 100%
Adobe inDesign 94%
Adobe Illustrator 90%
Adobe Animator 93%
HTML Code 100%
Open Source Code 98%
WordPress CMS 99%
UI/UX Design 100%






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